Do Viking electric ranges come with power cord?

Answer Viking electric ranges do not come with a power cord at the time of purchase. According to Bryan Watson, a customer care representative for Elite, the maker of the Viking range, the cord is purchas... Read More »

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Who makes Viking ranges?

Viking ranges are made by the Viking Range Corporation. The company was founded in the 1980s by Fred Carl Jr. The Viking Range Corporation makes a variety of products, including refrigerators, coun... Read More »

Is the power cord for the PlayStation 3 the same as a computer power cord?

The PlayStation 3 power cable requires a three-prong adapter that is similar to those required for most personal computers and some printers. This power cable is interchangeable with these systems... Read More »

Where are GE electric ranges manufactured?

GE electric ranges are manufactured in different countries according to the model specifications. The 30-inch Moffat MCBS524K2WW electric range by GE is manufactured in Canada. GE's 30-inch JB680DP... Read More »

Do all electric ranges have fuses?

I have NEVER seen a range (or stove) that had a fuse. The panel box of the home may have a fuse or breaker that protects the circuit for the stove but it's not a part of the stove itself.