Do Video Games Have a Negative Impact on Kids?

Answer The practice of playing violent video games is common among children and teens but may leave parents wondering whether or not this negatively impacts children later in life. Studies have shown mixe... Read More »

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Does hip hop music have a negative impact on youth?

On One Hand: Destroys PotentialAccording to Jeffrey Hicks of the National Leadership Network of Conservative African-Americans, hip hop music "serves to glorify formerly stigmatized characteristics... Read More »

Negative Effects of Video Games on Eyes?

Video games are a pastime enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. However, what you might not know is that playing video games can cause a variety of negative effects upon your eyes. It is importa... Read More »

Can having a hard partying mother have a negative impact on toddler children's development?

I know you want facts and I did a few searches to come up with some hard facts for you... one sight was went to their forum but didn't have anything related to your problem bu... Read More »

To What extent do films and television have a negative impact on children in terms of behavior?

Not much if you explain to them that nothing on TV. should be tried in real live and that the TV. show is planned out and fake. The most that can happen is a curse word if they find it funny (but t... Read More »