Do Verizon cell phones have SIM cards?

Answer Verizon cell phones that do use SIM cards are GlobalAccess devices; however, they may or may not be accessible without the proper tools. For more information or a list of cell phones offered by Ver... Read More »

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Do all at&t phones have sim cards?

ALL AT&T phones have sim cards some are regular sim and some are micro sims

Do Razr phones have SIM cards?

Yes, the Motorola RAZR line of phones does have SIM cards. You can find the SIM card by removing the back panel and the battery. The card is at the bottom of the open panel.Source:Some Life: Motoro... Read More »

Do Cricket phones have SIM cards?

Cricket phones do not use SIM cards. SIM cards are required only for phones that use GSM cellular technology (most phones). Cricket uses a CMDA network, which doesn't require the use of SIM cards.S... Read More »

Do samsung phones have sim cards?

Samsung phones, like the BlackJack and other models, have a slot to add a SIM card. The SIM card identifies your number and stores all the information on your phone. When you upgrade to a new phone... Read More »