Do Vegitarians like the smell of bacon, is it tempting?

Answer Yeah, until you remember how much human DNA is in a pig.

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Vegitarians and bacon.why are so many veggies swayed by the smell of grilled bacon?

Well, I think it smells disgusting - fatty and greasy and salty and full of all those chemicals they pump into the poor pigs.And I see a couple of the other answerers have come out with that old ch... Read More »

How do you get rid of bacon smell in a room?

-Spray air freshener -Open all the windows I live in Florida and have my air conditioner on all the time. Whenever that happens (I'm guilty of burning bacon a lot, lol), I take my air conditioner... Read More »

Was it the smell of BACON frying, that made you an Ex-Vegetarian?

I'm not an ex-veggie (nor a veggie!) but thought I'd have a wee look through the answers. Some gave me a wee giggle - so I'll give you a star for asking the question - a couple are just plain nuts ... Read More »

Does the smell of frying bacon make you nauseous or hungry?

Always hungry. In fact all the veggies I know say the same. If they were ever going to stray from the righteous path it would be bacon that tempted them.xxFJ