Do Ultraviolet Lights Kill Bedbugs?

Answer When a bed bug infestation occurs or is suspected, homeowners immediately start looking for ways to kill the bugs. Ultraviolet light and light of any kind doesn't kill the bed bugs, but it does aid... Read More »

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Are fluorescent lights the same as ultraviolet lights?

Fluorescent lights are not necessarily the same as ultraviolet lights, although sometimes the two types overlap. A fluorescent light is generally a compact alternative to incandescent lighting that... Read More »

Are black lights ultraviolet?

Black light is ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 315 to 400 nanometers, also known as UVA. Unlike UVB and UVC, black light is less harmful to the skin. The human eye cannot detect UV light its... Read More »

What is the best frequency for ultraviolet to kill bacteria?

Ultraviolet light having wavelengths of between 100 to 290 nanometers can kill bacteria, viruses and other microbes. Scientists call this ultraviolet light UV-C, and it has frequencies ranging from... Read More »

Do halogen lights emit ultraviolet?

Halogen light bulbs emit very small amounts of ultraviolet light, according to General Electric Lighting. The same is true of all light bulbs that contain a tungsten filament, such as incandescent ... Read More »