Do US military personnel have the same constitutional rights in a court-martial as they do in civilian court?

Answer US military personnel DO have Constitutional rights but in many respects the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) does not parallel the civilian court system. The two are not really comparable.

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In lui of court martial in the military can you be ins ted discharged from the military ins ted of going trough the court martial?

No. If you're up for court martial, it is the equivalent of a felony trial in the civil sector.

Difference between civilian court and military court?

Cultural/geo-political, joint, tactical, and technical

Which court in the federal system reviews the convictions of military personnel who have violated military law?

That would be the US COurt of Military Appeals. However, only convictions of Courts Martial are reviewed. and not automatically. The findings of the Court Martial must be appealed in order to be re... Read More »

Can a military child be prosecuted by a military court martial?