Do U.S. citizens have to pay income tax?

Answer All citizens of the United States who receive income are subject to federal income taxes. Items that may be taxed include but are not limited to capital gains, commissions, wages, salaries, bonuses... Read More »

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Where do the U.S. citizens income taxes go?

According to The President's Budget for Fiscal Year 2009 report, U.S. citizens income taxes go to the following: current military gets 36 percent, human resources gets 30 percent, 18 percent goes t... Read More »

Do non-citizens of the USA pay income taxes?

Non-resident aliens residing in the United States are required to file a tax return and pay income tax on any earnings made in the US, as long as those wages exceed the personal exemption amount. N... Read More »

Do lower income citizens pay taxes?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, all citizens must pay taxes, including citizens who earn a low income. For citizens not to pay taxes, they would have to earn less than $600 dollars per y... Read More »

What percentage of US citizens file income taxes?

Anyone who receives compensation in a given year has to file. But only about 45% of the people who are actually employed PAY income taxes. If a person is below a certain income level the government... Read More »