Do Tomato Blossoms Have to Be Pollinated?

Answer Tomato plants are self-fertilizing and as such, pollinate themselves, but outside pollination increases the yield of a tomato plant, so pollinators are needed to spread the nectar from flower to fl... Read More »

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Should you remove first blossoms from tomato plants?

Pinch the blossoms and small fruit off tomato plants until the roots are well-established. Tomato blossoms and small fruit drain energy away from a developing root system. A strong root system will... Read More »

What is open pollinated?

varieties that are no longer protected by patent law and do not require you pay royalties to the breeder.

Bat Pollinated Flowers?

Among the most valuable animals that pollinate flowers are bats. Approximately one-third of various bat species---e.g., fruit bats, flying foxes and leaf-nosed bats---frequent flower patches at nig... Read More »

Why do flowers need to be pollinated?

Just like animals, many plants reproduce sexually, combining DNA from both males and females. They do this by pollinating, depositing pollen from male reproductive structure, the anther, to the fem... Read More »