Do Tomato Blossoms Have to Be Pollinated?

Answer Tomato plants are self-fertilizing and as such, pollinate themselves, but outside pollination increases the yield of a tomato plant, so pollinators are needed to spread the nectar from flower to fl... Read More »

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Should you remove first blossoms from tomato plants?

Pinch the blossoms and small fruit off tomato plants until the roots are well-established. Tomato blossoms and small fruit drain energy away from a developing root system. A strong root system will... Read More »

Ive just found a red tomato on my tomato plant should I have it for my breakfast?

Why Do My Pickle Plants Have a Lot of Blossoms & No Fruit?

Common pickles are a food usually derived from cucumbers. After the cucumbers ripen, they are picked and added to a combination of spices, sugar and vinegar to create the pickles enjoyed by many. C... Read More »

Simple Math : How many lotus blossoms would a person have to consume . . .?

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