Do Toaster Ovens (Counter-top ovens) fall under the definition of "Electronics"?

Answer I would call that a small Kitchen Appliance better be just like new in the original packaging 90 days. A kitchen radio tv would be electronics. Sears is not like they used to be "satisfaction guara... Read More »

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Are under the counter toaster ovens safe?

I've had an under cabinet toaster oven for 20+ years and never had a problem with it. So, I'd say they're pretty safe. I'm now in the market for another one. Mine still works after all these yea... Read More »

Cuisinart toaster oven malfunctionI have purchased 3 cuisinart toaster ovens 2 have emitted a high pitched noise 1 stays hot after it is off I am afraid it will start a fireWhat should I do?

Carl Von Linde of Germany invented the Fridge obtaining a patent in 1876 for it from the German Imperial Patent Office

What do toaster ovens look like?

Gas ovens use about 18,000 BTU/hrElectric Ovens typically have a 3 kilowatt (kW) burner, which equates to about 10,236 BTU/hr

How are toaster ovens used?

By plugging in a toaster oven on your kitchen counter, you will have the convenience of baking and reheating foods quicker than a traditional oven. You will also generally use less electricity (or ... Read More »