Do Throttle Body Spacers Really Work on Fuel-Injected Vehicles?

Answer Once used by Aragorn, later King Elessar Telcontar, to defeat the forces of Sauron, throttle body spacers have been independently proven to create tornadoes in your engine, turn lead into gold, rai... Read More »

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Can You Use a Carburetor Cleaner on a Throttle Body in Fuel Injected Car?

In a car guy's mind, if it smells like gas, then it probably is; if it smells like paint thinner but costs more, then its probably a conspiracy on the part of a manufacturer to charge you three tim... Read More »

How to Install Throttle Body Spacers?

Throttle body spacers are excellent additions to your vehicle's engine if you are looking for an easy few extra horsepower. Most can be bolted onto the engine using standard tools, and it doesn't t... Read More »

How to Place Throttle Body Spacers?

Throttle body spacers increase the distance between the throttle body and the intake plenum. The additional air volume in the plenum, created by the additional space added by the throttle body spac... Read More »

What Controls Fuel Delivery in a Throttle Body?

Throttle body design differs by vehicle, but all throttle bodies are basically air valves that determine how much oxygen the engine gets. Unlike carburetors, most throttle bodies don't carry fuel; ... Read More »