Do They serve Kebobs at Turkish restaurant Tuscany/Mediterranee Irvine,CA?

Answer yes they will

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If i came to your town and ordered "BARBECUE" at a restaurant, exactly WHAT would they serve me?

Well I could write a novel on BBQ in home towns, as I have lived all over the south eastern united states, and experienced all sorts of diffrent varieties off what people consider "BBQ". Being a p... Read More »

Orange county Turkish restaurant Mediterrenee?

Will be open Feb. 23, great deals. Bring many, bring all!

Turkish-Armenian restaurant near John Wayne airport?

Yes l do know it will be open soon, it will serve Italian-Turkish-Greek-Armenian food, named Mediterrenee,almost finished great decor ,I can't wait,

Where is there a Turkish-style iftar dinner at a restaurant in NYC?

I lived in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn for a long time; Brighton has (or had?) the largest Turkish population in the United States. Try calling a few of these restaurants; they may not be serving I... Read More »