Do Termites Buzz Like Mosquitoes?

Answer Most of us are not real fond of the termite or the mosquito. But while mosquitoes are generally mere annoyances, termites can destroy homes and other belongings. There are many varieties of termite... Read More »

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My speakers buzz, then work perfectly fine then buzz again.?

Sounds like your speakers are getting ready to blow out.

Did Justin kelly of the latest buzz luved rebecca Harper of the latest buzz?

Uhmm in real life? no they actually had alot of fights lol but in the show he did you question is kind of confusing

What do you do to keep mosquitoes away?

mossie nets impregnated with long term (residual) insecticide is what is recommended. Won't be much use in the day time or when you are not sleeping.mosquito coils sort of work if you have enough o... Read More »


Oil of lemon eucalyptus has been recommended by the Center for Disease Control as an effective natural insect repellant.According to Wikipedia website, " For protection against mosquitos, the U.S. ... Read More »