Do Supplements actually do anything worthwhile?

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Can vitamin supplements actually be dangerous for your health?

Certain vitamins, when taken to excess. Many vitamins, if mega-doses are taken continuously. Expired vitamins may pose health hazards.

Which supplements and herbs actually increase serotonin in the brain?

Try eating more foods rich in Tryptophan. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that's used by the brain - along with B6, niacin (or niacinamide), and magesium (known as the antistress mineral) - ... Read More »

Do screensavers actually do anything?

Yes, but it depends on what type of monitor you have. LCDs are immune to phosphor burn or burn in, while the older CRT (picture tube) style monitors are susceptible. Whenever a bright, stationary i... Read More »

Do the different drawers in the refrigerator actually do anything?

I don't think so. I put fruit in the bottom drawer all of the time, but I don't think it keeps it fresh any longer. I put a couple grapefruit and mandarin oranges in there last night just to get ... Read More »