Do Subchapter S-Corps File Personal Tax Returns?

Answer All businesses must pay federal taxes on income to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Depending on the entity type of the business, the business may be required to file its own tax return or to pa... Read More »

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How to File as a Subchapter S Corporation in Minnesota?

The appropriate paperwork must be filed with the Minnesota secretary of state's office to file as a subchapter S corporation in Minnesota. In addition, a subchapter S corporation in Minnesota must ... Read More »

Can you view past personal Canadian tax returns online?

With an epass login and password for the Canada Revenue Agency website, you can view the current year as well as the past six years of returns online. Once logged in, click on "view returns" and th... Read More »

How to File Tax Returns in Two States?

Generally, you must pay tax on all income earned in the state where you are domiciled, which is the state where you have a home, driver's license, bank accounts and are registered to vote. If all o... Read More »

How to File Corporate Tax Returns?

Every year, individuals and businesses must give an account for taxes paid or not paid. Because preparing and filing the taxes can be somewhat tedious for the preparer, it requires meticulous detai... Read More »