Do Splitfire spark plugs work?

Answer On One Hand: Ads Promise Results.According to Splitfire marketing material and a similar entry in the Frequently Asked Questions section of, Splitfire plugs employ their dual sparks ... Read More »

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Do E3 spark plugs work?

On One Hand: They Perform as IntendedTesting done by the Georgia Tech, The University of Michigan and the EPA verify nearly every claim made by the E3's manufacturers: an increase in combustion cha... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Regular Spark Plugs & Performance Spark Plugs?

Automotive technology has advanced so much that one may argue the standard spark plug has disappeared altogether and all plugs are performance enhanced. The truth is that standard plugs, much like ... Read More »

Do Bosch split spark plugs really work?

On One Hand: Bosch Promises Higher Performance and EfficiencyBosch marketers claim that split spark plug heads double the plug's output and help ensure complete combustion of fuel. According to Bos... Read More »

What Happens If You Replace Platinum Spark Plugs With Regular Plugs?

Many vehicles came from the factory with platinum or iridium spark plugs, but most applications also list the good old copper spark plug. There can be multiple versions of all of them, depending on... Read More »