Do Something Funny For Money!?

Answer - funny hair day( they have their hair funny)-obstacle day..where they have a obstacle game for fun

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Something cute and funny?

You know someones a mom when they have to clean all of the bath toys out of the tub in order to take a shower, You know someones a mom when you go in their house and find random cheerios all over t... Read More »

Something Funny to make your status?

Why do you have to put so much thought into your statuses? If you're that worried about it, don't say anything.

What is something funny that I can put on a QR code for my shirt?

Well, maybe something that would make them get annoyed for wasting their time. Maybe just a simple:"Hello." Can get a laugh. But overall, it is the delivery of it. Maybe you should say it is a real... Read More »

I want something funny to write about me on Facebook?

I have a friend who rote: sorry, im too complicated to be described in a couple of words. Im a puzzle, yes indeed. :)and another one who wrote.. im too cool to write in this box.... ok, maybe im ju... Read More »