Does smooth away hair removal work it seems cool but i am scared it wont work.?

Answer well i just ordered it, and i used it under my arm, and it didn't remove the hair, it just gave me a huge irritation under my arm that hurts like who knows what. I waited 8 weeks for this ****, and... Read More »

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Does Smooth Away hair removal work?

It does work. And leaves your skin very smooth. I have thick fast growing hair on my legs and arms and I also have sensitive skin. Not only does it remove hair but when it grows back its much fine... Read More »

Smooth Away Hair Removal?

I got it and I like it. It does not get as close as waxing however you also don't get in-grown hairs that waxing can cause. I've used it twice on my legs and it exfoliates wonderfully. My tattoo lo... Read More »

Does Smooth Away Hair Remover Really Work?

On One Hand: Smooth Away Can Remove HairSmooth Away is a hand-held pad covered with fine crystals designed to remove hair when rubbed on the skin. Smooth Away claims that the hair removal pads remo... Read More »

Has any one used Nair hair removal stuff thats supposed to melt away your hair does it work?

if it melts your hair, wouldn't it harm your skin. think about women have used relaxers, which, some contains about damaged skin.