Do Sharpies stay on objects in the dishwasher?

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Why does water stay in the bottom of a GE dishwasher?

Would a plastic item that melted in your dishwasher spread harmful toxins throughout the dishwasher making everything in the dishwasher unsafe to use again?

Melting plasticNo harmful toxins, but probably a bad taste. It wouldn't hurt to run the load again. Well I do not agree entirely, depending how bad the plastic was melted and what KIND of plastic i... Read More »

Are Sharpies permanent?

Sharpie markers are manufactured from permanent inks that are fade resistant and can used on a variety of surfaces. The permanent features of black ink Sharpies are derived from alcohols and ethyle... Read More »

Can sharpies kill you?

It depends on how you are using them. If you are drawing on yourself, you would need about 8 sharpie worth of ink to get skin poisoning. If you are sniffing them, too much would result in insuffici... Read More »