Do Secret Service people wear detachable ties?

Answer AnswerSome might and some may not. It depends on the person.

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Did Grant have ties to the Secret Service. If not which president did?

Uniformed Division officers are generally hired at the LE-1 grade levels with a starting 2009 starting salary of $50,787. Fopr further information see the below link:

What wristwatch do secret service wear?

I don't think there is an "issued" watch, but they probably wear what most fits the environment and their specific job.Some good tactical watches include Casio G-Shock, Luminox, and 5.11 Tactical.

Why do secret service agents wear sunglasses?

What do secret service agents wear?

they wear black dress slacks and white button down shirts or at least the ones i met last night after a fundraiser former presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr. did here in town.