Do SEO companies use specific paid softwares for different Analysis like - Website Analysis,Competitor Analysi?

Answer Yes. Genuine SEO companies always use paid softwares or tools.

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Where can I find a website that has FREE scanning softwares for photos?

do you have a scanner ? that scanner should have a standalone software that enable you to scan.....without any photo editing software.if not..u can try open source website.....

Softwares : How many SOFTWAREs are required to BREAK A MATCH-STICK ?

Only One. To break a match stick you would need a a device/machine/robot etc which is a piece of hardware. To make the hardware work as per your requirements, you would need a software.

Where can i find the organizational charts, or hierarchy of specific companies online?

Please no rude answers Any specific companies that will conside hiring someone with a non violent felony?

Go to your local state employment office. They will definitely know of companies that will hire you