Do Restaurants Have a Right to Automatically Charge Tips to Your Credit Card?

Answer While the choice of whether or not to grant a tip has traditionally been left up to the diner, some restaurants have taken to automatically adding a gratuity on to the cost of a meal. While this is... Read More »

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Do I have to pay a finance charge if I pay my credit card in full?

Credit-card terms are outlined in a disclosure provided in accordance with the Truth in Lending Act. Typically, a grace period of 21 to 25 days exists from the time the statement is issued. As long... Read More »

Is it standard practice to charge credit card fees when paying by credit card?

While some businesses charge a fee when customers pay by credit card, it is against their merchant agreement with the credit card company, such as Visa or MasterCard. If you encounter a company th... Read More »

How long do you have to dispute a credit card charge for an airline?

On One Hand: The Time Limit VariesDepending on the bank that issued the card used to cover the transaction, a chargeback may be requested anytime from 30 to 180 days after the transaction occurred.... Read More »

Can a charge card affect your credit score?

On One Hand: It Can Raise Your ScoreThrough the proper use of a credit or charge card, a borrower can raise his credit score. Keeping the credit card balance less than 30 percent of the limit helps... Read More »