Do RAM determine the capacity of your hard disk space?

Answer My friend, that is one FAST processor!It must be pretty new.O-K, yes, your Hard drive needs to be upgraded, IF you are running low on disk space (Download a lot of video, do you?)But your memory is... Read More »

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My internal hard disk has only 40 mega bite left but loosing space every day .how can make free disk space?

How to Check Your Hard Disk Space?

Curious about your computer's capacity? To check your hard disk space on Windows, Mac, or Linux, follow these instructions.

If i use an external hard disk ,will it increase the disk space on my c-drive?

no, it'll add a new drive on your my computer

The Storage Capacity of a Portable Hard Disk?

A portable hard disk stores computer data in a small enclosure, allowing the user to carry it around easily. It usually connects to a computer through a USB or a Firewire data cable.