Do Pythons Live in the African Rainforest?

Answer Pythons are nonpoisonous snakes of the family Pythonidae found in the rain forests of Africa, Asia and Australia. Healthy adult pythons are large and strong snakes that kill their prey by constrict... Read More »

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Rainforest Animals That Live in the Rainforest Layers?

Four distinct layers comprise the various tropical rainforests around the world, with different creatures lining in each layers. The animals that occur in each layer possess certain sets of traits ... Read More »

How do people hunt in the African rainforest?

According to Monga Bay, the African rainforest is home to a number of groups of people who survive by hunting and gathering food. Tribal people in the African rainforest make up between 130,000 and... Read More »

Flowers That Live in a Rainforest?

Flowers that live in rainforests enjoy a warm, humid climate all year round and conditions conducive to producing an enormous variation of plant life. Some plants that live in a rainforest have odd... Read More »

Do frogs live in the rainforest?

The rain forests of the world are home to many different types of frogs. Examples include the golden poison dart frog, the red eyed tree frog and Wallace's flying frog.References:Mongabay: Amphibia... Read More »