Do Ojon hair products help restore hair loss?

Answer On One Hand: It Is Made DifferentlyOjon products are made to keep hair healthy using ingredients that are as "raw" (meaning natural) as possible. The products are made without using many of the ing... Read More »

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African-American Hair Care Products for Natural Hair Loss?

Any number of factors can cause hair loss. People whose families have a history of hair loss may expect that they, too, may develop the same problem. Various diseases, lifestyles, and treatments ca... Read More »

Does using hair products lead to hair loss?

On One Hand: Potential DamageProlonged use of certain hair products, particularly those containing harsh chemicals, may increase the risk of premature hair loss. Bleaches, dyes, permanent solution,... Read More »

How to Restore Hair Loss?

According to the Mayo Clinic, most men and women shed 50 to 100 hairs a day. This is a normal amount of shedding and is unrecognizable. However, shedding becomes recognizable when the amount of she... Read More »

What can restore hair loss?

While some hair loss is a part of everyday life, loss of significant amounts of hair can be a cause for concern. Hair growth can be restored in several different ways, depending on what caused the... Read More »