Do Natural Mothers have the right to search Should they?

Answer Legally, they have the right to search (at least in most states - there may be an exception, but if so, I don't know what it is). I do think, morally, they have the right to search. Adoptees no m... Read More »

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Natural Mothers/Adoptive Mothers?

The only time the amother and I have contact, is when my daughter is present and that's fine by me. She is a decent enough woman, but if our paths had crossed in some other way outside of adoption.... Read More »

Natural mothers: Did you want to keep your baby?

Yes. I didn't love him until he started moving. lol I was 16 so try and give me a break!No, never even thot about keeping him

Natural Mothers in reunion...?

My son's mother professed to be supportive initially but apparently became threatened after my son and I met and he seemed to like me so much. He wanted her and his adoptive father to meet me right... Read More »

Why do Angry Anti-Adoption Search people speak for our Mothers?

It isn't just Anti-Search people who speak on behalf of surrendering mothers nor the adoptee. When I found my daughter..I called one of my life-long friends, who was my friend when I was pg at 17..... Read More »