Do Mormons celebrate birthdays& Christmas?

Answer According to the official website of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Mormons do celebrate Christmas and birthdays. The site states that Mormons also celebrate anniversaries, Easter... Read More »

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Why do we celebrate birthdays with cake?

The decorated birthday cake we celebrate with in western culture today is nothing like the cake originating in ancient history. The reason we celebrate with birthday cakes today developed throughou... Read More »

Do you like to follow/celebrate celebrity birthdays?

happy bday to u...happy bday to u....happy bday to dear kishore da.,,,, i don't celebrate,,but when i was in school and ma freind used to buy badi wali pastry :D to celebrate d' bday ... Read More »

How to Get Some Ideas to Celebrate Your Landmark Birthdays?

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Fun Ways for School Kids to Celebrate Their Teachers' Birthdays?

Teachers work endless hours preparing lessons and grading papers. They spend every weekday with their class. When a teacher has a birthday, it's nice for kids to find fun ways to celebrate. Parents... Read More »