Do Melatonin pills cause anyone else to have no dreams?

Answer Well, Auroch is half right... taking larger doses of Melatonin isn't poisonous, but it may do the opposite of what you want it to. Specifically, Melatonin supports Serotonin, which is the hormone t... Read More »

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Immunizations Does anyone else think that these cause many problems in children.?

So to summarize, you know more than all these PhD degree doctors, and all others in the medical field. The history books lied to us !! All these deceases and countless deaths throughout most of hu... Read More »

Has anyone else tried this before Have you had anything else like this Answer in full please. Thanks!?

Okay fed-boy:Cottage cheese with actual pineapple in it's own juice (drained) or peaches or pears or strawberries - any fruit really.Cold, raw oatmeal flakes with cold milk barely covering the 'pil... Read More »

Anyone have experience with raspberry ketone pills?

It's better to eat normally than to risk poisoning yourself with useless wonder-pills.

Anyone else have a Kindle Fire and have trouble with the charging cord?

Yep! If the cord feels too loose where it's supposed to charge I believe it's broken. It's happened to me before.