Do Mac users realize they are getting ripped off?

Answer Many justify it by regurgitating the "it just works" ad campaign slogan. The reason there software and hardware usually works is because they don't accept 3rd party software or hardware, apple make... Read More »

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Can ipod users play games vs droid users?

The only game I have found so far that works on Ipod 3rd Gen. and Droid X is Words with Friends.

How do you keep from freaking out when you realize you got FAT!?

Just look in the mirror, and say, "I really screwed up! F***!"Trust it works. I did it five years ago, and it has changed my life ever since.After I did this, I lost 65 pounds within the next week.... Read More »

When did you realize you were beautiful?

When I realized we are all beautiful simply because we are human. Then I stopped labeling people as 'ugly' and knew EVERYONE is beautiful. Then I stopped calling myself 'ugly'. Then I saw my true b... Read More »

How to Realize the Value of a Sister?

Sibling relationships can be complicated, and even great siblings are not always appreciated. Studies show, however, that sisters in particular are a benefit to their male and female siblings. Look... Read More »