Do Ladybugs Eat Pepper Plants?

Answer Most ladybugs are a help in the garden. They eat greenfly, and so any plant infested with greenfly will more often than not have ladybugs nearby. Pepper plants are not eaten by ladybugs. The pretty... Read More »

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Tepin Pepper Plants?

Tepin pepper plants (Capsicum annuum v. aviculare), also known as Chilepin, are the wild progenitor plant for jalapeño, poblano and cayenne peppers. Tepin is a tiny, round fruit ¼ inch in diamet... Read More »

How do I pinch pepper plants?

PinchingPinch off any flowers that exist on your pepper plants before transplanting. Grasp the flower between a thumb and forefinger and slice through the stem with your fingernails.MaintanenceCont... Read More »

Pepper Plants & Insects?

Peppers, both hot and sweet, are second only to tomatoes in popularity among home gardeners. Hundreds of varieties exist, and all are subject to attack by dozens of insect pests. None of these are ... Read More »

How to Overwinter Your Pepper Plants?

Pepper plants are a common sight in many summer vegetables gardens. Once cool temperatures arrive, however, these tender plants quickly die back. While most gardeners treat pepper plants like an an... Read More »