Do LCD monitors emit radiation too?

Answer This is such a small amount that it wont' have an effect on you. However, as the above guy mentioned cell phones are probably more harmful than a LCD screen. Nevertheless, this is something you d... Read More »

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Do LCD monitors emit radiation?

Liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors emit essentially no radiation. In contrast, cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors emit low levels of radiation. The health dangers of radiation from CRT screens have... Read More »

How much radiation does a laptop emit?

A laptop computer emits about 150 mG of radiation. This is 60 times the recommended exposure limit of 2.5 mG. However, there is no conclusive evidence that laptop radiation exposure is dangerous.... Read More »

Do halogen lights emit UV radiation?

According to Hafele, halogen lightbulbs emit a very small amount of UV radiation. A writer at Lighting Design Lab reports that standard halogen bulbs emit a third the UV radiation of daylight at ma... Read More »

Does a halogen bulb emit UV radiation?

Halogen bulbs do emit UV radiation. The journal “Autoimmunity Reviews” published a study in 2009 noting that in an area right next to an unshielded halogen bulb, UV output matched or exceeded t... Read More »