Do LCD TVs use more electricity than Plasma TVs?

Answer The tube sets still use the most.

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Do Plasma TVs use more electricity than LCD TVs?

Yes, but only very slightly.A typical 37" plasma TV draws around 250 watts.A typical 37" LCD TV draws around 200 watts.By comparison, a typical 32" CRT (old-style tube) TV draws around 400 watts.

Do 3d tvs consume more electricity than normal hdtvs?

The price of 3D TVs may be slightly more expensive than regular TVs but the electricity consumption is the same if not less. Cinema 3D TVs come with an energy star rating. LG Cinema 3D TVs are also... Read More »

Why is a LCD TV more expensive than PLASMA?

Mainly because LCD over 40" come in 1080p standard as compare to plasmas you can still buy a 720p. 1080p plasmas and LCDs are about the same though.And of course you'll pay more for the 120hz which... Read More »

Does an HD flat screen TV pull more electricity than the older styles?

I believe they actually use less energy than the old CRT (picture tube) models, but I am not an expert. If you have the manual, it should list in the specs the input wattage; the higher the wattage... Read More »