Do Kalms tablets actually work?

Answer Kalms work, as they contain valerian which is a natural sedative. Any product with valerian will assist in relaxation towards sleep. Chamomile tea also helps, pack a supply of these. But Kalms w... Read More »

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Do people actually put tablets in their bum Why?

hahaha so great.It's absorbed faster into the blood stream, and would be a stronger dose because of it. Haven't you heard of teenagers soaking tampons in vodka? You get the full dose faster without... Read More »

How do rennet tablets work?

An enzyme originally harvested from the stomachs of ruminants, rennet coagulates milk and is a key component in cheese-making. Rennet tablets provide a ready supply of the enzyme, which is now gene... Read More »

Do metabolism boosting tablets work?

it does help to increase your metabolism but physical activity is equally encouraged.

Does acai berry tablets work?

I assume you mean do acai berries work for weight loss because this is what the hype is about. I would say that taking acai while trying to lose weight is not a bad idea because it is a powerful an... Read More »