Do-It-Yourself Radiator Coolant Rust Inhibitor?

Answer Rust buildup inside your radiator is an age-old problem that occurs primarily because of the nature of how your coolant system functions, and partly because of the makeup of some radiators. Some ra... Read More »

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How to Remove Rust Inhibitor From Steel Sheetmetal?

When you buy sheetmetal from the steel supply shop, it comes coated with a rust inhibitor so that the product doesn't rust before it gets sold. But if you try to weld to that surface, you're going ... Read More »

How to Add Coolant to a Radiator?

Engine coolant is stored inside the radiator and a small overflow container outside of the radiator. When the radiator is full of coolant and hot, this overflow will hold some of the coolant when t... Read More »

Engine Coolant System Rust Removal?

Several flush kits are available to clean the cooling system of your vehicle. Along with a mild or strong cleaner solution, a kit will help you remove rust and scale formation from inside parts lik... Read More »

How to Make Radiator Coolant?

The coolant in your car's radiator prevents the risk of overheating and helps your engine maintain a consistent operating temperature. You should check the coolant levels in your radiator regularly... Read More »