Do-It-Yourself Muffler Installation in a Toyota Corolla?

Answer The muffler is essential to your Corolla's exhaust system, for both pollution and noise control. A fully functioning muffler is required by law. The muffler goes from the catalytic converter to the... Read More »

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DIY Muffler Install on a 1991 Toyota Corolla?

The muffler on a 1991 Toyota Corolla serves to keep fumes from entering your car and to reduce noise that originates from the exhaust system. Exposure to extreme weather conditions can cause damage... Read More »

1994 Toyota Corolla CV Installation?

There is no specific mileage or time period listed for replacing the CV axle on a 1994 Toyota Corolla. Symptoms justify the replacement of the CV axle. The symptoms are either a clicking noise pred... Read More »

Toyota Corolla Starter Removal & Installation?

The hardest part of the removal and installation of a Toyota Corolla starter is the fact that you have to crawl under the car. Even considering that, however, the process is actually rather easy, a... Read More »

1992 Toyota Corolla Timing Belt Installation?

The timing belt on a Toyota Corolla can stretch or break. In either case, you will need to install a new one. Even without problems, timing belts should be replaced around 60,000 miles, but it does... Read More »