Do It Yourself Headlight Restoration?

Answer The lenses on your car's headlights can eventually become cloudy, causing your lights to look dim and faded. New headlights can cost several hundred dollars per light, so replacing them is expensiv... Read More »

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How to do Headlight Restoration on Plastic Lenses?

Headlight restoration can make plastic lenses look as good as new, making driving easier and safer. Plastic headlight lenses can yellow and haze from UV rays and weather; this occurs gradually and... Read More »

Home Remedies for Headlight Restoration?

During the mid-1980s, American car manufacturers switched from using sealed-beam headlights to aerodynamic headlight assemblies that were made from high-impact plastic. These new aerodynamic headli... Read More »

How to Do Headlight Restoration and Make Extra Money?

Headlight lenses can become scratched and glazed with oxidation over time. The haze on a headlight lens can cause the headlights to be constantly dim. This is a safety issue if you are driving in ... Read More »

How to Restore a Headlight Lens - Restoration vs. Replace?

We have taught headlight restoration to students in the collision repair program that I teach at. It has became a very profitable job that produces excellent results. The only other alternative t... Read More »