Do It Yourself: HHO Gas Car Kits?

Answer When gas prices skyrocket, entrepreneurs begin frantically working on alternative sources. One of the many alternatives to fossil fuel engines is the hydrogen powered gas kits that attach to existi... Read More »

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How to Install Jet Kits?

Jet kits replace the jets, small brass screws within a carburetor's metering block, changing the jets to larger or smaller orifices to adjust the amount of fuel that flows into the air intake manif... Read More »

What Are Camber Kits Used For?

The suspension settings on a car are measured by three main parameters, which are toe, caster and camber. When a vehicle's suspension is modified with a lower suspension with the use of coilovers, ... Read More »

Where should first aid kits be stored?

Probably somewhere easily accessible- for instance, if you live in a multilevel house, I would keep mine on the main or lower level. This way, in case of a fire, you wouldn't have to rush up any st... Read More »

The Best Biodiesel Kits?

You can save money fueling your car and heating your home while helping the environment by making your own biodiesel. This renewable energy is becoming a more popular alternative fuel source. Altho... Read More »