Do It Yourself: Divorce Worksheets?

Answer Divorce is a legal process, which can be complex and usually involves attorneys. The process may be costly. Stephanie Koontz, a marriage expert, cited divorce expenses ranging from $7,000 to $78,00... Read More »

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Do both parties have to sign the divorce paperwork to make a divorce legal?

No, though if one party cannot be served with papers or refuses to sign them, the divorce process will be delayed. In such cases, the other spouse can request that the judge issue a default judgmen... Read More »

Is a divorce final if only one partner signs the divorce papers?

If one of the spouses refuses to sign divorce papers, the divorce is not final. When this happens, a divorce action is filed in court--and is usually resolved one way or another during a trial.Refe... Read More »

Mississippi Divorce Rules When One Party Refuses the Divorce?

A contested divorce is one in which one party refuses or disagrees with the other's request for a divorce. In Mississippi, court procedures for a divorce sharply differ in contested and non-contest... Read More »

ESL Worksheets & Games?

Worksheets and games are standard procedure for many ESL classrooms. As students learn English as a second language, they begin to process not only the mechanics of grammar, but also the nuances of... Read More »