Do-It-Yourself Cubicle Name Plates?

Answer People who interact with the public face-to-face in an office setting often have a name plate strategically placed on their desk to help identify themselves to new customers or clients. Typically, ... Read More »

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Do-It-Yourself Screws for License Plates That Don't Corrode or Rust?

As small as they seem, the screws on your license plate can prevent rattling and keep your tag secure. Unfortunately, corroded or rusted screws make it difficult to change plates or add a decorativ... Read More »

Where do you buy real name plates/name earrings online ?

How to Make Your Own Name Plates?

Create your own name plates by wood burning letters onto a piece of wood. Painting the letters on the name plate might be a good alternative for younger children or people who do not wish to use a... Read More »

What are US Navy Regulations on name plates?

A "Navy brat" is someone who grew up while their parent or guardian was in the Navy. "Navy brats" tend to be very comfortable in a military environment and have a good amount of friends they've met... Read More »