Do Irishmen wear kilts?

Answer Men in Ireland wear kilts, but mainly for special celebrations these days. The saffron kilt is part of the uniform of the Royal Irish Rangers. Many people believe the kilt originated in Ireland, no... Read More »

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Do irish men wear kilts?

While kilts are most commonly associated with the Scottish culture, the Irish also have a kilt culture. While the kilt shape is similar, Irish kilts tend to be green plaid rather than red.Reference... Read More »

Do the men in Ireland wear kilts?

Men do wear kilts in Ireland. However, the kilt is seen as being primarily Scottish and is rarely encountered on a daily basis, with the use of kilt being primarily reserved for pipe bands, along w... Read More »

Why do people in Scotland wear kilts?

The kilt is a traditional item of clothing in Scotland--though rarely worn by modern Scots except at ceremonial occasions. Since the 19th century, kilts have become closely associated with Scottish... Read More »

Do Irish people wear kilts?

According to the Your Kilt website, kilts may have been worn in Ireland since the sixteenth century, but there is no proof to confirm this. At the beginning of the Twentieth century the kilt was ad... Read More »