Do Internet filters work?

Answer On One Hand: Blocks Sites With Negative KeywordsOn the most basic level, an Internet filter searches the code of a website for specific keywords that could indicate the site is improper. At this l... Read More »

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How to Set Internet Filters in IE8?

The World Wide Web has a light side and a dark side. The dark side contains graphic language, inappropriate images and illegal content. Websites voluntarily provide ratings that describe their cont... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Internet Filters?

Gaining access to the filters in your computer can be very valuable, whether you want to add filters to keep your family from being exposed to inappropriate content on the Internet or delete them w... Read More »

Comparison of Mac Internet Filters?

Leaving children unattended on the Internet can be a scary thought; there are tons of ways they can stumble onto pornographic and otherwise disturbing sties. For those who feel the need to install ... Read More »

How to Beat Internet Filters?

Malicious websites and inappropriate content are a problem on the Internet. To protect people, many organizations install web content filters designed to catch illicit websites and prevent users fr... Read More »