Do Interest Rates Affect Stable Value Funds?

Answer A stable value fund is generally organized as a commingled pool investment fund that seeks to preserve principal while earning a level of interest income that is consistent with the preservation of... Read More »

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How Do the Monetary Variables Affect Interest Rates?

Monetary policy is the process by which a country's monetary authority manipulates the country's money supply in an attempt to promote price stability and reduce macroeconomic turbulence. In the Un... Read More »

How Do Interest Rates Affect Stock Prices?

Interest rates are a tool used by the Federal Reserve Board to achieve stable economic growth. When the Fed changes interest rates, it affects the economy’s performance, including the performance... Read More »

How does bankruptcy affect interest loan rates?

Filing a petition for bankruptcy protection is not good for your credit file nor is it good when you apply for a loan. The loan products that you qualify for will have higher interest rates.Signifi... Read More »

How to Identify How Interest Rates Affect the Cost of Operating a Business?

Interest rates are the price tag of money. That is, when you borrow money from a financial institution or creditor, you have to pay for the use of the funds. The most common way to assess the fee i... Read More »