Do I wear too much make up for my age?

Answer Hey girlie! I think the amount of makeup you normally wear is fine. Just make sure it looks natural and not overdone. Maybe you could substitute the red violet lipstick with a lighter, more neutral... Read More »

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Do I wear too much make-up *PIC*?

no I don't think so at all. You really do look pretty! Don't get worked up, because I'm sure you know how parents can overreact sometimes! lol. Btw I really like your eye makeup, really draws atten... Read More »

Do I wear too much make up?

Why are you evening wearing make-up when your in the sixth grader? Your what eleven years old? Focus on school and and not on make-up. Because that is to much for your age and by the time you reach... Read More »

Do I wear too much make up *pictures*?

well u do look older, like 16 but i wear that much makeup, im 14 too and my dad tells me the same thing anyways i dont think its a lot of makeup well all that i wear is *foundation*eyebrow pencil*e... Read More »

On A Scale of 0-10, How Much Make-up do u wear?

I would say I've been about a 7 lately, due to bad skin ( I know, I know, I'm making it worse with make-up, but I got to do something! ) I'm to the point where if I don't wear any make-up at all, p... Read More »