Do I wear to much makeup?

Answer No, unless your wearing it every day and it is damaging your skin. A lot of people tell me that I wear too much makeup but it's because I'm self conscious about how I look without it on and people ... Read More »

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Do guys like girls who wear makeup more than if they were to wear no makeup?

no i like girls that are all natural cause if you need make-up to look pretty your not for me...sorry if that's shallow but i am a little the answer for me is i like girls with NO make... Read More »

How much makeup do you wear?

I wear:-Foundation.-Some powder.-Blush.-Eye's shadow-Curl lashes and mascara.-Lipgloss sometimes.

DO I WEAR 2 MUCH MAKEUP!!!! :((pic)?

well im not too much older than you so from a teen persepectiveee i say that you look absolutely GORGEOUS in the first picture. seriously i think you are so pretty. you look nice with make up but i... Read More »

Do I wear too much makeup?

No, you are really pretty! And I am a girl.