Do I water a peach tree in the winter?

Answer Peach trees are dormant in the winter and generally do not need additional watering. Normal precipitation should be enough to keep the tree healthy. If the winter is unusually dry, occasional water... Read More »

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How often to water a peach tree?

The soil should be kept evenly most. And never allowed to dry out.Simply,First give the newly planted tree a good drenching until water runs from the drainage holes.Don't water it again until the s... Read More »

What is a peach tree?

Peach trees originated in China and are related to other trees that produce fruit with hard seeds or stones in the center, such as plum trees, nectarine trees and apricot trees.VarietiesVarieties o... Read More »

What should I do for my peach tree?

Good Evening Shanda K.I hope you had a great day. Your question was not very informative. I took it upon my own to view your profile. I see you live in Pearland, Texas, a low temperature of 72.Some... Read More »

How do I graft a peach tree?

Find a branch between 1/4 and 3/4 of an inch in diameter and make as narrow a cut as possible. Cut down to the center of the branch.Insert the budding twig--called a scion--whose fruit you'll culti... Read More »