Do I water a peach tree in the winter?

Answer Peach trees are dormant in the winter and generally do not need additional watering. Normal precipitation should be enough to keep the tree healthy. If the winter is unusually dry, occasional water... Read More »

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How often to water a peach tree?

The soil should be kept evenly most. And never allowed to dry out.Simply,First give the newly planted tree a good drenching until water runs from the drainage holes.Don't water it again until the s... Read More »

Peach Tree Borers?

Peach tree borers are destructive insects that work their way under the bark of stone fruit trees and feed on sapwood. Early control is very important because once the larva works its way under the... Read More »

How to Add Limbs to a Peach Tree?

It's much easier to remove limbs from a peach tree than it is to add them, but it can be accomplished through a process called grafting. Grafting melds an existing branch on a host tree with a fres... Read More »

Peach Tree Identification?

Peach trees are deciduous, meaning they shed their leaves during part of the year. They produce a fruit ranked only second to apples in popularity. Growing peach trees goes back to prehistoric time... Read More »