Tongue Piercing Care & Eating?

Answer Getting your tongue pierced is a trendy and edgy way to show off your personality. This type of piercing is one of the quickest to heal; however, because of its location, infection could arise quic... Read More »

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Why does my tongue go numb after eating vegan cheese?

It sounds like you are having an allergic reaction to an ingredient in the cheese.... I would say that you should stop eating it!!

How to Cool Your Tongue After Eating Spicy Food?

Have you ever eaten something terribly spicy or hot and tried to make it stop? It's not only annoying, it hurts, too. Want to prevent that? Here's how.

What is your first thought when you see or think of a girl with a tongue piercing First immediate thought?

The more mature section of humanity will say "Oh, ok." The immature and uneducated will be "Oh, you're a whore! u sos stupidz and jeesus and i like jersey shore and snookie is my hero" and then hop... Read More »

What is causing the large bumps on the tongue of a 3-year-old girl and how do you treat it?

Answer They may be just a variation of normal, but as you are worried take her to the doctor.