Do I turn off my computer to save energy, or not turn it off to save my computer?

Answer This is a very debatable as to whats true. But quite frankly turning off your computer will help save its life no matter what anyone else says. My leaving it on produces heat and causes more wear ... Read More »

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Should You Turn Off a Computer at Night to Save Energy?

There are three ways to change from HTML to normal in Microsoft Office Word 2007. The first way is to change the view of the page layout in Word from "Web Layout" to either "Print Layout" or "Draft... Read More »

Does a computer really draw a lot of electricity Is it better to turn them off or leave them on to save $?

i think its better to leave them on, as most modern computers have a sleep mode that is designed for just that purpose. besides if you constantly turn computers on and off, the initial power on mak... Read More »

Should you turn the heat down during the day to save energy?

On One Hand: Energy SavedTurning the Thermostat down by 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours per day can save you five to 15 percent per year on your energy bill. Programmable Thermostats can make this... Read More »

Does it save energy to turn a light off?

Turning off a light--with a fluorescent or an incandescent bulb--when leaving a room saves energy. Turning a light on or off requires a surge of energy. However, unless you are turning them on and ... Read More »