Do I tip a seamstress?

Answer On One Hand: It's Not CustomaryIt's generally accepted that seamstresses and tailors do not receive tips. It's perfectly acceptable to simply pay the bill; the person you hired won't be expecting ... Read More »

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What can a beginner seamstress sew?

A beginning seamstress who's comfortable using a sewing machine and able to sew straight seams can make a variety of simple, useful projects, from tops and scarves to pillowcases and napkins.ScarfC... Read More »

How much does it cost for a seamstress to sew on patches?

Seamstresses who sew on patches charge varying rates depending on the size of the patch and the material it is being sewn on to. The average cost for sewing on a simple patch is approximately $3 to... Read More »

How much per hour does a seamstress make?

Seamstresses with one to four years of experience earn a median hourly rate of $8.14 to 12.08, according to PayScale, as of May 2010. Seamstresses with five to nine years' experience earn $8.81 to ... Read More »

What is the hourly rate for a seamstress?

The hourly rate for a seamstress can range from $7 to $20 an hour. On average, the median rate for a seamstress is $11 an hour. Successful seamstresses can earn up to $31,000 a year.Source:Payscale... Read More »