Do I sharpen a miter saw blade or buy a new one?

Answer On One Hand: Sharpening Miter Saw BladesSharpening saw blades is a precise skill that requires special tools and much practice to do it effectively. Many hardware stores offer this service for abou... Read More »

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How do I sharpen a miter saw blade?

Secure the BladeTake your miter saw blade out of the saw. Secure it in a stationary clamp on a workbench with half the circle of the blade coming up out of the clamp. Every alternating tooth will h... Read More »

How do I sharpen a table saw blade?

PrepareRemove the blade from the saw while wearing good work gloves. Place it on a clean, flat surface. Cover the floor with a tarp, and wear a face mask, safety goggles and work gloves at all time... Read More »

How do I sharpen a serrated blade?

PreparationBuy a knife sharpening kit that has a hone made specifically for serrated blades.Set the AngleSet the angle of the sharpening hone between 20 and 25 degrees.Sharpening the BladeHold the ... Read More »

How do I sharpen a carbide tip saw blade?

Grinding WheelWet grind the carbide tip saw blade on an automatic grinder with a fine-grit diamond abrasive wheel. Place the saw blade into position on the grinder. Turn the grinder on. It will mak... Read More »