Do I really need a new motherboard to install a graphics card?

Answer Okay.... Hp and people like that want you to buy a new computer to make them money. Most of the time they are feeding you lies. If your motherboard has a pci-e 1.0 16x slot or above with a sufficie... Read More »

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Can you install a video card if your motherboard has an on-board graphics chipset?

You can upgrade the integrated video in your computer with a standalone video card as long as the motherboard has the appropriate expansion slot. When the motherboard detects that a video card has ... Read More »

Do I need a graphics card if my motherboard has onboard graphics?

If your computer's motherboard has on-board integrated graphics available, then you do not need an additional graphics card. Most motherboards have integrated graphics, but computer users add addit... Read More »

Should I get a new motherboard or just a graphics card?

I would recommend a whole new machine.You are running a Celeron processor, which is crap. SiS video which is crap. They no longer really make/support AGP.I recommend just getting a new PC. If you ... Read More »

Can I use a gtx 460 graphics card with this motherboard?

You might be bottlenecked by your motherboard's speed, so it won't be as fast as the card can be until you upgrade, but it won't affect your ability to use it.