Do I need to worry about the EPA DHA amounts in fish oil?

Answer On One Hand: The Amounts Are Not the Issue.Fish oil supplements will contain EPA and DHA automatically--it's vegetarian Omega 3 supplements that don't contain those particular long chain fatty acid... Read More »

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What do I need to worry about when starting a motorcycle that hasn't been run for about 4 years?

remove the spark plugs put in gear [2nd or 3rd gear] and see if you can even get it to roll or is it seized up. If its seized pour Marvel Mystery Oil into the cylinders through the spark plug holes... Read More »

So i had about 20-30 puffs of weed and i have a doctorr apponitment in 2 days do i need to worry?

Estella, it is important for your doctor to know if you are are using drugs and what kind they are. He/She needs to know if you are sexually active. The doctor is there to work with you to keep y... Read More »

Do I need to worry about catching chicken pox if I don't touch someone directly who has shingles?

Rebekkah - No! You do not have to worry. Quite likely you had an immunization against chicken pos when you were an infant. If you do not have evidence of immunity against chickenpox, talk with y... Read More »

Got hurt. the wound, not very deep, has closed. just a scab. do i need to worry about infection?

You do not need to worry, Once a scar turns into a scab this means that the scar is healthy and slowly healing at its own pace.Just don't think about it, after a couple of days you will not need to... Read More »