Do I need to worry about the EPA DHA amounts in fish oil?

Answer On One Hand: The Amounts Are Not the Issue.Fish oil supplements will contain EPA and DHA automatically--it's vegetarian Omega 3 supplements that don't contain those particular long chain fatty acid... Read More »

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Which Fish Contain Large Amounts of Mercury?

Nearly all fish contain some mercury. For most people, mercury content in fish is not a health concern, and the benefits of eating fish outweigh the risks. Fish with high levels of mercury, however... Read More »

Does fish contain adequate amounts of all 9 essential amino acids?

A vegan diet offers an astounding range of health, environmental and moral benefits.As long as you eat a balanced Vegan diet consisting of legumes, nuts, fruits/vegetables and grains, you will get ... Read More »

Weed amounts.................?

I dont know the exact measurements but:nickel bag: about $5, I think is a fifth of an ounce usually a big joint or two or a small blunts worth (most dealers will laugh at you for asking for this, b... Read More »

Will I die from low level amounts of asbestos?

No you will not die.Yes they can handle small amounts.